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How to Deal with IT Employers Hiring Errors

    An article by Beth Stackpole at CIO looks into the hiring practices of IT organizations and concludes that many such organizations “may be getting in their own way when it comes to effective strategies for sourcing, screening and hiring IT talent.” She identifies four particular mistakes: maintaining excessively high standards, failing to diversify their hiring

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    Help Firms Recover from Data Overconsumption

      Businesses’ emphasis on data has grown steadily and considerable in recent years, leading to what some people regarded as over-consumption of data in 2014. At IT Business Edge, Loraine Lawson predicted that this pattern would lead to a change in 2015, a sort of “data hangover” as businesses come down from the previous year’s data

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      Expand your career with Data analytics

         Many people think analytics is about gathering data using software tools and creating dashboards and reports. However, analytics is much more. Analytics goes beyond data; its primary goal is to enable business decisions based on that data. This involves working with stakeholders to understand the gaps in the business and using this knowledge as a

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