Canvas takes a unique, technology agnostic approach to consulting engagements. Our clients recognize the value of our integrated approach that leverages both domain and technical expertise to devise the right solution for your career needs as a Business Analyst, Project Manager, Quality Assurance or Data Analyst Professional in the IT industry!

For our Fortune 500 clients our promises remain:

Reliability: We understand that our clients depend on a firm that will come through for them every time, without fail. We live with this philosophy and create a client provider relationship where you as our client can depend on us for any technical need.

Flexibility:We let you hire away our best talent at no additional fees after six months.

Guarantee: We not only provide our clients with best technical resources we also stand behind every placement with a guarantee. We offer a one week performance guarantee for our candidates, which mean that we charge our clients with the first week of work only after the client, is satisfied with the performance of the consultant, otherwise we replace the candidate without any charge to the client and eat up the first week’s cost. But if you like the consultant provided by us, and would like to keep the consultant for the project; we will charge you from the first day.

Cost: Our rates are extremely competitive. We incur all costs to recruit a candidate, and there is never any cost to our clients for us to work on an opening- we are only paid when we have found you that perfect candidate.