Staffing Services


CIT is an award-winning full-service executive search firm, direct-hire, temporary staffing, temp to hire staffing, staff augmentation, pay-tolling services agency that provides clients with an extraordinary talent for hire.  CIT has the ability to customize our screening process in a client-specific manner to ensure an overall fit.  We look at the knowledge, skills, ability, education, and reliability of the candidates.  The detail we take in evaluating our candidates ensures a higher level of performance and customer satisfaction.

We believe in our services and want you to feel confident when you choose to work with our firm.

Canvas InfoTech Inc. offers MULTIPLE staffing services any company could need.

Direct Hire/Full Time Staffing Services

Our network is the product of current sourcing processes, developing and maintaining the right relationships and good old-fashioned hustle. This allows us to identify candidates that will be a great fit both technically and culturally for our clients' environments.

We help you fill all of your key positions in the bay area and beyond with the very best talent that will contribute at the highest level to help your enterprise grow. CIT full-time staffing services don't just send you resumes, we are a full cycle service that not only identifies the appropriate candidates, but we recruit them (get them interested and excited about your company) and finally deliver them to you. We conduct extensive research for you ahead of time so you can make the right offer at the right time and can know the candidate will accept the offer and be eager to start for you.

Temporary and Temp  to Hire Staffing Services

This division of CIT helps you fill any of your project based positions where there may be skill set gaps or the need for experts in certain areas to ensure you deliver on your projects on time and on budget.  There are several other occasions that arise where contract services can of assistance such as temporary backfills for Maternity leave, Vacation, attrition, etc.

Staff Augmentation Services:

Out network of top-tier talent allows us to identify and hire the right resources for your project. Whether it be to fill a skills gap within an organization or to deliver a team of resources that will complete your initiative on time and under budget.

Payrolling Services

With our payrolling services, you can leave all of the compliance and filing work for Taxes and withholdings to us.  Using our Payrolling services will, more importantly, protect your company from the risk of an EDD or IRS audit. You will no longer need to hire people on as a 1099 or hire on hourly w-2 employees onto your corporate payroll. You can also rest assured everyone on CIT payroll has access to health benefits and our 401K.