If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because you understand, or at least are curious about, the value of online information technology training as a supplement to academic training. But if you’re like most people who seek out the services of an online information technology training consultancy in the USA, you probably also think that academic training is a necessary foundation upon which to build subsequent training in the field of IT.

There is evidence to suggest that this might not be the case. It has something to do with the perceived deficiencies in the American education system, and something to do with the specific, practical training offered by an online information technology training consultancy. It’s entirely possible that you can obtain ITIL training, business analyst certification, and other such training online and end up as a more attractive employee than someone who spend four years acquiring a computer science degree that doesn’t prepare them to adapt to the workplace demands.

If you don’t believe us, ask Google. In the book Most Likely to Succeed, the authors and educational reformers Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith explain: “Google for years interviewed only kids from elite universities with the highest GPAs and test scores. But when Laszlo Bock, senior vice president of People Operations, analyzed the data, he discovered that these indices were ‘worthless.’”

Google’s hiring practices have changed dramatically since then. The authors point out that the word “college” doesn’t appear on the company’s online hiring guidelines, and hiring managers don’t ask for college transcripts. Consequently, about 15 percent of new hires do not have a college degree. If you are capable of acquiring the skills needed for the IT field on your own or with the help of an online information technology training consultancy, you can save yourself a great deal of money and time over the costs of acquiring an elite but potentially impractical qualification.

We’re by no means telling young readers to eschew college altogether. That is a decision for you to weigh carefully on your own and with the help of older and more experienced people, particularly those with intimate knowledge of the IT field. And when seeking out that sort of advice, be sure to consult with an online information technology training consultancy in order to closely compare your would-be college curriculum to the sorts of online information technology training programs that are available to you.

It may seem like obvious advice to say that if you know what you want to do you with your life you should start doing it right away. But it’s amazing how often people disregard that advice in order to follow prescribed paths that may not take them to their desired destinations. A knowledgeable online information technology training consultancy won’t push you down this kind of a pathway. Instead, it will introduce you to a range of different types of IT training programs you could pursue, as well as explaining the types of career prospects that might emerge from each of them.

If you can design your own IT curriculum and pursue it aggressively, it doesn’t matter whether you supposedly skip a step in getting there. Even some of the most desirable corporate employers won’t look down on you for it, as long as you can demonstrate that you have the necessary skills.