What’s the Value of IT Placement Agencies?

March 29, 2015Jobs

Where should you look for Bay Area IT job placements? Well, as with any industry and profession, the first and most appropriate answer is, “Anywhere and everywhere you can.” There are placement agencies that exist for the express purpose of finding a match in the IT industry for your personal IT skills and training. But … Read More

Java Still Important after 20 Years

March 27, 2015Java Training

If you’re learning programming languages or applying them to ongoing IT training and placement, there’s a good chance that you have encountered some unsettled questions about Java. “Is it obsolete?” some of your professional colleagues may have inquired. “Are there limits on its relevant applications?” others might have more charitably asked. As of this year, … Read More

Scrum’s Popularity in IT Reflects its Versatility Beyond

March 24, 2015Certified Scrum Master

Did you know that scrum accounts for two-thirds of all Agile frameworks currently in use in the professional world? This isn’t coincidental and there’s no reason to think that it’s temporary. The popularity of scrum is only growing, and it can be expected to dominate other Agile methodologies like extreme programming and feature-driven development for … Read More

How to Deal with IT Employers Hiring Errors

March 17, 2015Business Analyst, Data Analytics

An article by Beth Stackpole at CIO looks into the hiring practices of IT organizations and concludes that many such organizations “may be getting in their own way when it comes to effective strategies for sourcing, screening and hiring IT talent.” She identifies four particular mistakes: maintaining excessively high standards, failing to diversify their hiring … Read More