Online IT Training USAIn the past, we have recommended that you remain mindful of conferences and events that you can attend to help understand the IT job market, to network with other IT professionals, and determine what sorts of online information technology training are most important to your prospective career path. We also promised that we would make an effort to bring some such events to your attention so you could consider attending them in the future, or else learn from the press that emerged from them in real time.

With that in mind, we’d like to call your attention to the Atlassian Summit that took place in San Francisco earlier this year. If you’re not familiar with Atlassian, it is a collective of software development companies that are mostly focused on project management and resources for developers. You can imagine the relevance that its largest annual event holds for the fields of Agile training and PMP training and certification in the USA.

But it’s not the summit itself that we particularly want to call your attention to. It’s something that preceded the summit and points to the other sorts of opportunities that exist for learning, expanding upon your California information technology training, and testing your skills in a way that can lead to immediate and highly substantial rewards.

When the summit was getting underway, introduced readers to the winners of a unique competition that had just preceded the event. Atlassian Codegeist brought together teams from 115 companies in the spirit of friendly competition, with each of them applying their own skills in software development and their knowledge of agile and certified scrum master training in order to submit an add-on for a major existing Agile platform.

The winning submission from Hungary-based was applied to JIRA, but the Codegeist website indicates that others could be add-ons for Confluence, Bitbucket, and HipChat, with “no limits” on what the teams could build to show off the practical value of their USA Agile training and their long history of software development courses.

And practical value certainly was the essence of what the competition demonstrated. We can see that both in the description of the add-on, which allows a development team to vote on an agile story via a mobile platform, and through the results that victory has generated for the winning team. In their interview with, the ShiwaForce team made it clear that taking the top prize had given them international publicity within the overall field of in-person and online information technology training, as well as driving sales among the Atlassian companies that they already work with.

That should give you a basic sense of what you could stand to accomplish if you could win a software development competition in whatever field of online information technology your training is relevant to. Taking a runner-up prize still could bring tremendous exposure, and even a loss serves as great practice while also exposing you to other ideas, the challenges of a competitive environment, and the level of skill possessed by those who will be competing with you in information technology training today and in the IT job market tomorrow.