Information Technology is all around us. We are surrounded by phones, computers and tablets. We are the consumers of IT, we are the producers of IT. We are IT. But do we really know where is all the data going?  What is happening at the backend? What are we going to see in the next 5 years?

To answer all my questions, I began researching on all the topics I could possibly get my hands on. It seemed tough at first to penetrate through this complex process of what happens after I simply send out a text message.

What is web? What is cloud? Where is all the data going? What are bugs? Who has the ability to tap my videos and emails? We keep hearing these buzz words: Big Data, IT footprint, SaaS, Servers, and SERVERS! Haha! To know the difference see this video.

Here is my point, we are dissolved in the technological warfare charging towards us like minions of 300 army! And we are victimized and pleasured all at the same time by the effect it has on us….. I may have gone astray. Forgive my trail of thoughts. I am not any IT guru! I am just like you! Absorbed in an overwhelming impact that technology has on us.

Let’s simplify some basics that you need to know about IT and the latest trends:

Cloud computing:

SaaS is simply Service as a software. It has really evolved rapidly. But what is it really? It is a software that is provided to you by a vendor instead of you hosting the software in-house. So now what is really happening is that you have a thin application server which displays the front end application and this is attached to the main server hosted by a company that specializes in the software that it is being provided to you. Cloud computing can be for a software, computation, data access and storage.  To know the advantages and disadvantages of using SaaS check out my upcoming article SaaS is the new emerging trend where I also talk about my experiences on managing a project

Apps are the new face of a company

How many of us have the time and patience to really go to the computer and research about a company on their website. I actually do, since I shop a lot online but recently I got Forever21 app and now I can shop while I’m in a train or bus! I am very happy playing angry birds or consulting someone about how to build an app. I am not any App Guru but I can simply tell you how to start your own app today and right now at

Just FYI, I was humbled by their impeccable customer service.

AGAIN! Big Data!

Where is the data going? Is it drowning in the pool (I should say sea due to my usage of upcoming metaphor) of unimaginable water and salt. As a company I want to tap my customer information and analyze it as much as possible. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Now don’t get thrown away by big words like Enterprise resource management, Servers, Apps, database management, legacy systems. All companies are more or less doing one of the above- moving to cloud computing, building an application or migrating, mapping, analyzing data to manage resources with smaller sizes and greater density.

And please don’t get thrown away at .NET, JAVA, Shell Scripting, etc. They are simply just languages like English, Hindi, Persian, Spanish to communicate with the system, and servers and can be learned with interest and experience.