A global professional training company called Simplilearn, in conjunction with Career Digital Labs, recently carried out a survey of white collar professionals and determined that project management training will be one of the most sought after skills in the coming year. The survey involved 7,000 technology professionals specifically from the Indian labor market, but given that country’s economic importance and its status as a global leader in the information technology field, its results are almost certainly applicable to other markets as well.

In any event, as far as India is concerned, the given results are derived from all relevant demographics and industries. Increasingly, online project management training is the first act of upskilling that young professionals reach for when they realize that their university education was insufficient for the needs of today’s information technology sector. This may be not only because of its importance to career growth and leadership goals within dedicated IT firms, but also because of its relevance to a wide range of other potential career paths.

That is certainly part of the reason why we recommend our online project management training to a wide variety of clients, including distance-learners from the areas where the survey was conducted, as well as local professionals looking for information technology training consultancy in California.

If you are originally from South Asia but are pursuing your higher education or post-graduate information technology training near the renowned IT hub of San Francisco, so much the better. Our on-campus and online project management can help you to acquire the skills that are among the most versatile in your current environment, as well as being the most sought after in the region that you might return to someday.

Notably, we also provide online information technology training in areas that were runners-up in the Simplilearn survey. These include business analyst and certification programs that are in demand among professionals dealing with big data and IT security. You can trust that the need for these sorts of skills will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, as the push for upskilling like project management training in India and elsewhere is driven by a solid collective understanding of industry trends.

And regardless of where you come from or where you expect your career to take you, you can trust that few such trends are region-specific. At least where white collar professionals are concerned, the world is increasingly flat and the skills that will serve you in one market will serve you equally well in another. In light of our experience providing information technology training in California to clients throughout the world, we certainly know this to be true with regard to project management training.