111111Now that this blog has begun to highlight some of the types of jobs for which Canvas InfoTech online IT training can make you a better candidate, it is appropriate that we should focus on some of the specific types of jobs that hiring managers are especially likely to be looking to fill with people who share those skills.

We’d intended to turn to more general topics for a post or two before going back to job descriptions in the USA IT industry. And in fact this post is not exactly a job description. But it is an explanation of the remarkable demand that exists for one type of IT job. As luck would have it, the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, or (ISC)2 has just released its 2015 study of the IT security field, which finds that demand stays strong and the gap between openings and qualified candidates continues to grow.

To label that gap with a specific figure, the report indicates that if current trends continue, within five years IT placements in USA security openings will fall short by about 1.5 million employees. Already, 45 percent of hires report that they cannot find people with the education and online IT training background to fill their IT security needs.

What’s more, the current trends probably will continue, as the report also finds that there are relatively few young entrants to the field. Sixty-one percent of those seeking USA IT placements in the security field are 40 years old or older. Many of these – and even the elusive youngsters – are also facing escalating demands in their profession as responses to security threats are becoming more complex and time consuming. This means that security professionals are saddled with the need for extensive, ongoing online IT training to keep up with professional demands, but also that undergoing such IT training puts them in a good position to be recognized by managers and to advance in their industry.

Taken together, these various findings indicate that the IT security profession will be a good career pathway to consider for persons looking for IT placements in USA and in the Bay Area, whether those job-seekers are at the very start of their career or are interested in making a mid-career shift in focus.

Young job seekers are sure to be highly prized by that nearly half of all firms that cannot fill their IT security needs, especially if those young job seekers also have a solid educational and professional development background including online IT training courses that cover the latest developments in security software and in general ITIL frameworks and Agile methodologies that help professionals to smoothly adapt and communicate in IT environments.

At the same time, if you’re a middle aged IT professional and you feel you’ll have no problem pursuing the same range of online IT training and adopting new methodologies even if you’re not yet familiar with things like certified scrum master training, then you can be confident that hiring managers won’t cast a second glance your way as you pursue any of the many unfulfilled openings in the IT security industry.

It’s a rare thing, knowing that you’ll be appreciated for your skill and training regardless of what stage you’re at in your career. So if that’s something you value, you may want to seriously think about the sorts of online IT training you can pursue through Canvas InfoTech to become an IT security professional.