IT  SecurityA new article at InfoWorld deals with the topics of malware and IT security in the present day, when security challenges are growing by leaps and bounds, and on a daily basis. The article gives the same information in a few different ways, which is understandable since the statistics are staggering. It points out that 84 million malware samples were identified in 2015 alone, an average of 230,000 per day.

Panda Labs, the IT security professionals interviewed for the InfoWorld article, report that they discovered more new malware in each day of the preceding year than they did in the entirety of their first 16 years in operation. And it’s not just them. The data suggests that 27 percent of all the malware that has ever been created has been created in the past year.

Beyond this, the article goes into some detail about the mechanisms whereby malware and antivirus software are racing against each other and boosting each other’s identity. The discussion of those IT security programs may be a suitable introduction to the sort of information you’d learn in software training courses that deal with the end-user interface of malware blockers. But as the article points out in conclusion, IT security must ultimately look well beyond this when faced with the sorts of threats that are promised by 2016.

To wit, we are interested in what the explosion of modern malware says about information technology training, the programmer analyst or business systems analyst job description, and the prospects for a career specifically focused on the field of IT security.

We’ve reported on the latter topic in the past, pointing out that an IT security professional has unique potential for a lucrative and upwardly mobile career path, but also unique challenges which could derail him from that very path, or at least overwhelm him with stress and a constant stream of threats and demands. This new information helps to highlight that same situation.

An IT security management position may be a position that few people want. More to the point it may be a position for which few people can acquire the proper amount and diversity of information technology training. But those same facts mean that IT security management is a position that is worth pursuing if you have both the talent and the confidence to make it work.

Whether you have that talent and confidence is something for you to consider with the help of an information technology training consultancy, which can also help you to start mapping out a series of relevant software training courses alongside project management training and Agile training, so as to begin to acquire the tools needed to stop IT security threats at the perimeter of your system while also being able to direct a team to keep that security tight and to identify and respond to threats that have already made it into the system.