PMP Training and CertificationOn Monday, an article appeared at which primarily served as a sales pitch for a Masters of Business Administration degree. More specifically, it concluded by describing a combination MBA and PMP training and certification program that certain New Jersey-area professionals might pursue.

Rest assured, though, that the general advice is by no means specific to any location, or even to any particular field of business. It is potentially just as applicable to a visitor to a California IT training consultancy as it is to an applicant to a New Jersey financial services firm.

The article argued that regardless of what education and professional background a person comes from, an MBA provides him or her with the opportunity to acquire the “enterprise-wide business knowledge” that makes them appealing to a wide variety of professional employers in today’s economy. By the same token, pairing this with PMP training and certification gives one access to some of the “fastest growing practical skills across all industries.”

It’s probably not obvious what this has to do with you, since you’ve presumably come to this blog to acquire information and advice regarding online information technology training or associated services. And the truth is that it may or may not be relevant to your professional future. But that is only as true of an MBA and PMP training and certification package as it is of any other specific skill set we discuss on this blog.

The point is that much like other forms of online information technology training, the potential applications of PMP training and certification are not strictly limited to careers in IT firms, or in narrowly defined information technology job descriptions.

So on the one hand, if you’re here specifically because you have mapped out an IT career path for yourself, it’s unlikely that an MBA program will be part of that plan, although PMP training and certification very well might be. But on the other hand, if you’re not sure whether your professional future lies more along the business of the information technology side of things, you may be able to use the skills associated with either or both of these certifications.

And the really good news is that there is ample opportunity for you to simultaneously pursue the skills you would need to follow either career path or to fill any number of roles that stand on the borderline between the two.

The article emphasizes the availability of programs that specifically combine MBA studies and PMP training and certification. But if this is not available or is not the best alternative in your case, there exist throughout the USA online information technology training programs that can help you to pursue relevant project management skills at your own leisure, either alongside or subsequent to a more formal and structured MBA program.

Both of these sorts of programs can act either as complements to each other or as alternatives in the event that your plans change. Whether you’re reading this because you know your near term future is in IT or because you’re keeping your options open while you explore a career in business, it can be helpful to think about the sometimes surprising ways in which online information technology training can go hand in hand with traditional education in other fields.