PMP TrainingToday, project management has great importance in the business world. Whether it is IT project or a huge manufacturing project in any industry, project management fundamentals are very much similar and needs to be solid enough to assure success of the project. Today, Scrum methodology has gained popularity in the businesses. Especially, Fortune 500 companies are implementing this methodology for project management. If you want to enhance your career with project management training or if you are a business looking for training in project management, you are right here to know about the best place where you can get it.

What Is Scrum Methodology?
It is an agile framework to complete the complex projects. Earlier, it was originated for IT projects but now it is rapidly becoming popular for complex projects. The framework is simple and follows the steps as –
• The prioritized wish list for the product is prepared by the owner. This list is called product backlog.
• Next is sprint planning in which team takes over the small chunk from the top of the list and decides the way/methods to implement those small tasks.
• A sprint (usually time of 2-4 weeks) is allotted to the team to complete the tasks but team meets daily to evaluate the progress. This activity is known as daily scrum.
• During the process, the scrumMaster helps the team focus on the goal.
• The last process in the sprint is sprint review.
• The completion of sprint offers the product which can be hand over to customer or ready to put on the store or showcase.
• Once the team finishes first sprint, the next sprint begins taking over the next chunk from the product backlog.
This methodology is proving successful and effective for IT as well as other business projects. Do you want to enhance your career acquainting this project management training and certification or want to enhance your Professional Development Units(PDUs)? Are you a business looking for consultancy in business analytics, project management, QA or data analytics? Canvas Infotech is a leading training and consultancy services where you can get the best services.

About Canvas Infotech
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