Did you know that scrum accounts for two-thirds of all Agile frameworks currently in use in the professional world? This isn’t coincidental and there’s no reason to think that it’s temporary. The popularity of scrum is only growing, and it can be expected to dominate other Agile methodologies like extreme programming and feature-driven development for years to come.

If you’re looking for Agile training for a USA company of any kind, scrum certainly ought to be your focus. That goes double if you have access to certified scrum master training in California, in the vicinity of Silicon Valley, and generally in the sorts of places where prospective employers are likely to be up-to-date on the current best methodologies.

Don’t get us wrong. That kind of location is a bonus; but with at least a 66 percent chance of scrum methodology being in place at any Agile workplace across the USA, you’re sure to benefit tremendously from certified scrum master training or scrum product owner training no matter where you are.

Some of the reasons for scrum’s great popularity are also reasons why you should be excited about pursuing the training that’s involved. One beautiful thing about scrum methodology is that it doesn’t burden you with complex and highly technical training from the outset. Quite the contrary, it is especially easy to learn and easy to implement into virtually any workplace.

And when we say virtually any workplace, we mean it. Certified scrum master training in the USA hasn’t limited its users to the software development with which it is most closely associated. Instead, it has opened up new doors and is being used today by educational institutions, militaries, and any number of business in which people with differing competencies have to work closely with one another in pursuit of a single, technical, and potentially changing objective.

Versatility is an uncommon selling point among the various online IT training and placement resources you might find. The fact that certified scrum master training is both versatile and relatively easy to acquire should make it very attractive to anyone who is looking into online IT training but isn’t sure which direction to go first.

As you can see, this type of training not only avoids locking you into a certain set of potential IT career placements as other types of training might do; it also avoids locking you into the IT profession in general. Hopefully, if you’re reading these words, you have a decent sense of where you’re going in your career. But there’s no shame in uncertainty or the desire for options, so if you’ve got any open questions still haunting you, remember that certified scrum master training opens up two-thirds of all Agile IT workplaces, as well as enriching your experience in a way that will give you great benefits even if you end up somewhere else.