A series of recent articles have come to our attention which point to the opportunities that are continually emerging for well-trained information technology professionals in distant and diverse job markets, including markets that are recovering from downturns or adapting to new circumstances.

This is a trend that’s well worth paying attention to if you’re currently pursuing online information technology training and you’re not sure in what region you want to pursue your career. Or even if you plan to start out or continue your career with IT placements in the Bay Area or some other major information technology hub, it can be beneficial to keep in mind that you may have a chance for relocation if you want new opportunities or find it difficult to compete in your current market.

The recent articles that we’re referring to highlight the desire of certain markets to use information technology training as a curative for existing unemployment problems, either among the general population or specifically among young workers.

As an example of the former, the Michigan Chronicle points out that Detroit is finally undergoing something of a renaissance in quality and diversity of employment, but is looking to training in information technology and related fields as a way of extending the recovery.

On the other hand, ArabianBusiness.com points out that the Middle East and North Africa is experiencing greater than 25 percent unemployment among persons 25 years of age and younger. There, information technology training is being promoted as a means of developing new job fields and also better matching job seekers’ skills to existing openings.

How do these situations apply to information technology professionals in California and the Bay Area? Well, we’re not necessarily recommending that you leave your potential California IT placements to take jobs away from unemployed job seekers in hard-hit or underdeveloped economies?

That’s not to say that there could be no personal benefit to doing so. At the same time that these regions are trying to boost on-campus and online information technology job training, the development of those industries also calls for people who have already developed advanced skills in that area – people who have had the benefit of a high-skill online IT training consultancy in the USA or in its most technology-rich markets.

But the opportunity that we’re really focused on here is the opportunity to take such an information technology consultancy to regions where that is expected to be a major stepping stone for the economic future of the area.

If you took an interest in our training and development specialist job description a few weeks ago, the issue of foreign markets and underdeveloped domestic markets is something to consider as you pursue that career path. There will always be a place for your skills in major IT hubs like the Bay Area, but if another job market is heavily investing in information technology but doesn’t yet have the home-grown workforce, your skills as a training and development specialist will come at a premium.

If your skill set is of such quality that you can actually help in developing the information technology sector of an area from the ground up, there may be substantial benefits to moving from California to places with a lower standard of living like Detroit, or to foreign markets that are wealthy in other sectors of the economy and can stand to provide you with extra incentives for gracing them with skills gleaned from your California IT training and certifications.