Onine IT TrainingIn an article at CIO, Moira Alexander recently raised the topic of outsourcing project management functions. The article presents some of the benefits and the risks associated with this course of action for the general business community. It is potentially a valuable read for heads of companies, especially small firms, who are looking for more efficient ways of securing the best results on one-off projects.

But what is the takeaway of this article from the perspective of a job seeker or a person currently pursuing PMP training in the USA?

The fact that outsourcing is an option for business leaders means that there is a wide range of pathways through which PMP training and certification can be expected to pay off. Naturally, the standard expectation is that once a person concludes this and other relevant training – e.g. business analyst training and certified scrum product owner training – he or she will secure a permanent position in a firm that provides a steady stream of in-house projects that suit his or her skills and expertise.

In all likelihood this will be your experience if you pursue PMP training with us, and especially if you’re seeking project management-related information technology placements here in the Bay Area. But there are other options which open you up to the possibility of partnering with outside firms or being hired on a temporary basis to manage projects in the client’s information technology department, or whatever other department aligns with your area of expertise.

Without going into much detail, Alexander indicates that there are various companies in today’s market that are explicitly vendors for project management services. Sometimes these might overlap with project management training for client companies, giving a particular advantage to persons who have completed our PMP training and certification alongside other on-campus and online IT training courses courses that fit with the job description for training and development specialists in the USA, and especially in California.

What’s more, if it’s possible for you to be hired in either of these capacities in order to manage projects and training for external client companies, it’s equally possible for you to set yourself up as a vendor of project management services on your own. Naturally this sort of freelance pathway can be challenging, and in the highly competitive market of California information technology placements you have to be exceptionally skilled to be capable of attracting clients away from other vendors that might have made use of your background in PMP training.

Still, it is entirely possible to push yourself to that level of expertise through continued pursuit of information technology training, business analyst certification, and so on. Indeed, this is something you can pursue even as you are working on establishing your own brand as a vendor of project management services. And whether you’re working on your own behalf or as part of an established firm, the broad range of experience that you will receive from one-off client projects will only enhance and build upon your past information technology training. Consequently, with each step along this pathway you’ll have more and more opportunities to compete for more highly sought-after project management and IT placements.