If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll remember that we recently made a commitment to try to provide some more explicit examples of the types of positions and employers that could provide you with a useful outlet for your online information technology training. We presented this as an alternative to more general discussions about categories of jobs and IT-related fields.

Software Training Courses

But this week’s topic serves in part to highlight the fact that the two types of post aren’t mutually exclusive. Sometimes getting more specific at first can start a conversation that takes you into more broad-based categories that you might not have considered otherwise.

Toward that end, we’re interested to call your attention to an article that recently appeared in the Big News Network, which described how the UN’s nuclear organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency was utilizing software training courses to improve the technical skills and procedural know-how of nuclear energy professionals around the world.

We’re confident that this will make some readers aware of an organization that they might never have thought about when contemplating a training and development specialist job description or any other potential IT-related pathway. But as it happens, the IAEA can be added to the seemingly inexhaustible list of organizations whose operations are becoming more and more tech integrated. And that invariably means growth in opportunities for persons who have a solid background in online information technology training.

Without a doubt, there are many IT professionals along the supply train for the IAEA’s international training program. It is, therefore, a potential employer or client for the actual designers of relevant software training programs, and also for people who are familiar with business analyst roles and responsibilities. The latter is the sort of person who might be able to help an international organization to integrate similar software training courses into a variety of diverse markets.

As more and more businesses and organizations join the IAEA in developing their own unique software training programs, more of them will also need their own employees and contractors to fill the same spaces on the supply chain.

We hope that this will invigorate your imagination with thoughts of the various different environments in which you can utilize your online information technology training. Some of these might have been unheard of if you were thinking about your professional future only in terms of dedicated IT firms.

Conversely, if you’ve found your way to this blog even though your professional focus isn’t on IT, this post should give you a sense of the additional doors that online information technology training might open up for you, whether it be in the field of nuclear technology, international policy, or virtually any other field in which training can be improved through IT.