PMP training usaLast week, PC Mag published an article on a topic that should be familiar to anyone who is pursuing a career in information technology. Although the Canvas Info Tech blog has made a concerted effort to call attention to some of the non-monetary aspects of information technology careers that might make them appealing, we can’t argue with PC Mag when they say you’re probably “after the big bucks.”

And of course, we’ve committed a number of our previous posts to illustrating the fact that in all likelihood, you will get those big bucks once you’ve sought out the right education and online information technology training for your chosen career path. But the question that PC Mag asks is more specific than “will this pay off for me.” It asks, “What forms of online information technology training will pay off the most?”

If you believe the article, there are some definitive answers to that question, backed up by numbers that range from just over 112,000 dollars per year to well over 130,000. The former is what you can expect to make if you obtain PMP training and certification. The latter corresponds to certification in the “governance of enterprise IT.” The article also lists five other certification in between those two, and there is something interesting about the overall list and its bookends.

The lowest and highest levels of this most-lucrative training scale describe fairly general frameworks of information technology training. Of course, PMP training is a great deal more general than the GEIT certification, which puts you directly on a track toward managerial functions. But they are both distinctly different from the other five, which describe the relevant certifications for specific roles and specific categories of the IT field.

Hopefully, you see the motivational qualities of this list. It’s not just grounds for daydreaming about the huge sums of money you could end up making later in your career. The structure of the list says something about how you can start on the way toward those massive returns without immediately committing to a career specialization.

You should be pleased to know that PMP training leads to one of the highest-paid certifications, because PMP training is the sort of thing that applies to a wide range of different IT job responsibilities.

These facts are not unrelated. The correlation goes to show that the first things you should pursue when seeking out information technology training are a general skill set and the clear, demonstrable capable to adapt to changing circumstances. PMP training provides the latter, and a combined package of other online information technology training programs can provide the former.

Start with PMP training and you can theoretically go anywhere. But along the way, if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself working within a niche that suits your skills and interests, at which point you’ll know which of the higher-level forms of IT training to pursue.