There’s an episode of Seinfeld in which George Costanza has just lost his job and he’s suddenly at a loss as to what sort of livelihood to pursue. At one point he reasons, “I like sports; I could do something with sports,” before Jerry confounds him with the question, “In what capacity?”

It seems fair to say that the scene captures a conundrum that we’ve all faced at one time or another: trying to connect the things that we enjoy to the things we can do for a living. After all, many of us were told when growing up that we should do what we love. But that’s a more difficult proposition when you’re actually looking at the opportunities unfolding before you.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because you’re interested in pursuing online information technology training or software training courses in the California area. Hopefully you’re genuinely interested in these pursuits and not merely undertaking them for the sake of a career path that you’ve embarked on purely because you think it will pay off financially.

It’s difficult to just look at the things you like and make a career out of one of them, but you should have some personal interest in certified scrum master training or ITIL training or business data analyst certification, lest your career as an IT professional end up unbearably dull to you.

But if you’re not sure about the extent of your personal interest, please don’t stop reading and abandon your career path. Instead, read on and then take some time to consider what you can do to make use of the online information technology training in a way that keeps you engaged with your career and focused on meaningful advancement.

You see, as it turns out, if you’re like George Costanza and you like sports, you could actually do something with sports, provided you have undertaken California business analyst training, or Agile training, or online information technology training of some other sort. And of course this isn’t just true of careers in sports.

As we’ve discussed before, software training courses and ITIL training are the sorts of things that have an ever-growing range of potential applications. Online information technology training is versatile enough that its recipients no longer have to feel confined specifically to IT firms. Combine that training with your other skills and you can find a place in IT-related positions most anywhere.

Still, sports is a particularly interesting case study, and if you want to get a sense of some of the ways in which information and communications technology is becoming integrated into sports franchises and associated industries, have a look at this interesting article and interview at Australia’s The Roar news site.

If you’ve read it and you find you’re inspired to think along these lines in considering your own career path, think about the ways in which business analyst training and certification could help you to make use of the data mentioned in the article. Think about how online software training courses could help you to be able to collect that data and build it into computer models. Think about the sorts of online information technology training could help you to actually design and program new technologies and data analysis programs with an emphasis on sports.

And once you’ve thought that through, go further and consider the ways in which you could utilize those same skills in the future, as the technology develops further and IT data gathering and analysis becomes more closely integrated into sports franchises and every industry under the sun.