ITIL Training

Two weeks ago, we discussed the important role that IT conferences and seminars can play in helping you determine what types of online information technology training you should be pursuing, as well as helping you understand how you can apply what you’ve learned in a real-world setting. We specifically mentioned the FUSION15 service management conference which was then fast-approaching and has since passed.

Media coverage of the event emerged last week, and there’s one particularly significant development that was announced at this year’s conference. Depending on your plans for future online information technology training, the news may be of genuine importance to you. But in either event, it will tell you something more about how you can stay ahead of the curve in this industry by keeping abreast of IT conferences or being in regular contact with a well-informed California online IT training consultancy.

During this year’s FUSION conference in New Orleans, AXELOS announced a February 2016 release date for a wholly updated ITIL framework. Known as ITIL Practitioner, this uniquely significant update to the 25 year-old service management framework will result in meaningful changes in how IT professionals will go about ITIL training online or in on-site information technology training programs in the Bay Area or other IT hubs.

If you’ve had ITIL training in the past, you may need to revisit the topic in the coming months in order to stay ahead of the latest changes in the framework, which may substantially affect policies and practices for your firm and for the information technology service sector as a whole. If you’ve only recently begun looking into online ITIL training, plan ahead so that you can get a handle on both where the framework is coming from and where it is going.

This is not to say that you should necessarily wait until February to start your online ITIL training program. An update does not constitute a fundamental change, and so the people who had ITIL training in the past will be at an advantage over those who are starting cold with the updates to a well-established system of best practices. Those who have obtained introductory online ITIL training in just the few weeks or months before the new release may be at the greatest advantage of all.

If your career path will involve service management in any way, now is a great time to get started with the necessary ITIL training. And for mid-career professionals, it is a necessary time to seek out great ITIL training with which to refresh and update your skills.

If you don’t think online ITIL training needs to be part of your skillset, that’s all well and good. But you may wish to talk with an online information technology training consultancy just to be sure that your plans don’t bring you in close proximity to IT service management.

And in any event, you still have a lesson to learn from this story: Your skills as an IT professional will invariably need refreshing and updating from time to time as industry best practices change and develop. In order to be vigilant in keeping those skills current, you must be vigilant in keeping up with current developments in the industry, at relevant conferences, and in the offices of your chosen California IT training consultancy.