Online EducationThe business world was abuzz recently with the news that LinkedIn had purchased the online education platform for 1.5 billion dollars. This is a sign of the times. You can rest assured that if the leading voice in online professional networking sees such high value in online education, the trend toward distance-learning is something worth following.

Another sign of the same Zeitgeist: on Friday the International Business Times published a brief article that purported to give readers seven reasons why they unequivocally should study online. Admittedly, that might be overstating the case somewhat. Depending on the individual learner and the circumstances surrounding his or her educational experience, there could be certain benefits to either format. That’s why we offer both online IT training courses and various classroom trainings and IT placements in California and the Bay Area.

The International Business Times claims that online education is inexpensive, flexible, accessible, diverse, enriching, self-supporting, and supportive of multitasking. That may be true in general, but ultimately the most important issue is the quality of the institution or instructor, not the form of instruction.

So the thing to learn from recent trends in business, online education, and IT training is not that you should be opting for one form of training over another, but rather that your range of options has grown and you must be especially careful about choosing the institution and courses that are right for you. If you know that your career requires ITIL training or business analyst training and you’re looking for a Bay Area IT placement, consider whether you would respond better to in-person or online IT training, but also do your research to find out which institutions provide the best outcomes in your topic area.

Personally, we don’t think you’ll have to look very far beyond this page, but it’s your career, your IT placement, and ultimately your decision to make. Still, assuming that you’ll draw the conclusion that we expect and determine that Canvas InfoTech is a safe bet for everything from certified scrum master training, to other Agile training, to PMP training and certification, we’re committed to providing learners with a range of options of how and when to go about their IT training, whether online or on location.

Still, LinkedIn and the International Business Times are right to imply that you should be at least considering online education as a solution for your highly demanding professional life. That goes double if you’re looking to pursue software training courses or java online training, or anything else in the field of information technology. After all, not only will you probably find the process to be flexible, accessible, and so on, you’ll also working autonomously and using the same resources that you’ll probably rely on once you apply your new skills to a Bay Area IT placement and career.

If there’s one field of study that calls for an online option – and in fact there are many more than one – it’s IT training and certification.