training-jobAs part of our effort to provide a wide range of practical information about online IT training, this blog will occasionally highlight certain jobs and categories of jobs that might utilize the skills learned in our online software training courses and from our online IT training consultancy. Naturally, we will focus on how this training applies to the USA IT industry, as well as other domestic businesses. We will also make an effort to focus on firms and IT placements in CA, and specifically in the Bay Area, where Canvas InfoTech is located.

We offer a very diverse assortment of both in-house and online IT training courses, including ITIL training, Agile training, and Java online training, as well as Certified Business Analyst Professional certification, Project Management Professional certification, quality analyst certification, Certified Scrum Master training, business analyst training, and much more.

For people who successfully complete any of our training programs, we also offer help in securing IT placements in the Bay Area and beyond. But many potential enrollees in our IT training programs may be uncertain about what track their career is going to take or what sort of placements they will be looking for in the future. For those people it is essential to gather advance information on opportunities in the IT industry and job descriptions for other positions in which IT skills may be utilized.

There are many resources both online and at on-site locations in California and throughout the USA where you can seek out that information. But we hope you’ll find this blog to be a valuable starting point. Check back in a few days when we post some pertinent information about one job category that some former enrollees in our online IT training courses have moved into. And check back frequently after that as we add more posts that may inspire you to go in one or another direction with your career in information technology, business analysis, or similar field.

And to emphasize the fact that IT training courses are not just for people on a narrow career track, we’ll try to include some information on how things like certified scrum master training, ITIL certification, and business data analysis can be applied to roles that you might not have thought about as beneficiaries of IT training consultancy.

Of course, there is a lot of ground to cover regarding online IT training, workplace IT roles, and the interplay between them. And you can’t be expected to wait for the luck of the draw to bring up the topics that are most relevant to you. So if there is anything in particular that you would like to see covered in this blog, feel free to contact us and mention it. Failing that, if you have any specific questions about how the IT training courses offered by our CA campus might be relevant to your career, we’ll be happy to consult with you directly.