PMP TrainingAt the beginning of the month, David Cotgreave of Project Accelerator News wrote an article that we considered interesting because it implicitly made the case for the overlap between two very different categories of online information technology training.

As the name of the news source suggests, the article starts from the standpoint of project management and thus assumes that the reader is a professional with a full suite of PMP training in his background. But it goes on to suggest – without saying so directly – that that same project manager may be lacking other crucial skills. They are perhaps the kinds of skills that a person would only think to pursue when seeking a different kind of IT placement in the USA, even though they are valuable to project managers and a wide range of other IT professionals.

According to Cotgreave, the outcome of information technology projects can be impaired or improved depending on the manager’s competence with gathering, reviewing, and analyzing data. And according to Canvas Info Tech, that is a major endorsement for pursuing business data analyst training and certification.

An aspiring project manager may seek out these skills simultaneous with PMP training or he may do so subsequently, as a form of ongoing professional development once he has started his career with a desired information technology job placement.

On the other hand, a person who already has CBAP certification training as part of his background and who fully understands business analyst roles and responsibilities might read Cotgreave’s take on project management and realize that he has what it takes to make a mid-career transition to that field.

A bit of project management training with a California IT training consultancy may be enough to facilitate that transition and lead the trainee to become not only a project manager, but one who is skilled at avoiding the pitfalls that apparently derail so many other managers’ outcomes.

But there is a broader conclusion to be drawn from this topic, and it is one that we’ve variously tried to emphasize on this blog. And that is that a wide variety of information technology training and skills will almost certainly make you a more attractive candidate for high-level IT job placements, especially in extremely competitive regions like the Bay Area.

Whether you’re looking at the job description for a business analyst in a California firm or at one for a project manager on the East Coast, once you look closely enough you’ll probably find that there are times when you’ll have to adapt to situations that go beyond what’s covered by any one online IT training course.

It’s with that in mind that we offer combo deals for certification training programs, so that particularly driven and multi-talented IT professionals can begin to understand the overlap between various skills at the point of training, before they are blindsided by them while filling the roles and responsibilities of their own IT placements.