Extremely Young and Highly International

August 5, 2015News

The need for broad-based information technology training is well-known not just in the Bay Area or the USA, but across the world. In any national economy that is either thoroughly modernized or on the fast-track to development, IT skills and training will be essential to success in the job market of the future. By the … Read More

Business Systems Analyst Job Description

June 11, 2015Business Analyst, IT Training

In the latest installment of our series looking at descriptions for prominent job categories in the information technology field, we will be looking at the general job description and certain responsibilities for a business systems analyst. Put simply, the business systems analyst is tasked with assessing the existing technological infrastructure of a company and with … Read More

How to Deal with IT Employers Hiring Errors

March 17, 2015Business Analyst, Data Analytics

An article by Beth Stackpole at CIO looks into the hiring practices of IT organizations and concludes that many such organizations “may be getting in their own way when it comes to effective strategies for sourcing, screening and hiring IT talent.” She identifies four particular mistakes: maintaining excessively high standards, failing to diversify their hiring … Read More

Where Your Company’s Going, That’s Where You’re Going

February 3, 2015Java Training, Online Java Training, PMP Training, Project Management Training

When it comes to planning your training in the IT field – whether it’s business data analyst or project management training, or specific software training courses – it is obviously important to maintain sharp focus on the current status of your career and how that measures up against your long-term goals. But it’s also important … Read More

Emerging Role of Business Analyst

July 31, 2014Business Analyst

The Business Analyst (BA) role has undergone a face-lift in recent times with expanded horizons. We wouldn’t term it as a paradigm shift but definitely a gradual one. A Business Analyst always contributes to every phase of the project and that is the core expectation. Gone are the days when the BA focused on simply … Read More

Who is a Business Analyst in the IT World ?

January 15, 2014Business Analyst

One would think that this post is something out of this world that requires all sort of technical knowledge and mumbo jumbo. IIBA defines Business Analysis as:  ‘Business Analysis is the practice of enabling change in an organizational context, by defining needs and recommending solutions that deliver value to stakeholders.’ A BA thus need not be … Read More