IT TrainingAccording to the Indian news site Jagran, a ten year-old boy from the city of Ahmedabad achieved a perfect score on the Java Programmer certification exam last month, becoming one of the youngest children in India to successfully complete the test.

The exam is usually taken by professionals who have already found their first information technology job placement and are looking to grow their skills and advance their careers. But for young Ronil Shah it is simply a test of some of the skills he’s accumulated in the approximately six years since he first began working with computers. The extreme level of that skill is demonstrated not only by his perfect score but also by the fact that he earned it after using only 18 minutes of the nearly three hours allotted for the exam.

We would be very interested to know more about Ronil and how he developed such an affinity for programming at such a young age. Clearly, the boy is a natural genius, but even natural genius has to be directed and encouraged to grow. In this case, a local computer institute apparently helped Ronil to grow his skills, but it would be fair to wonder whether he also utilized online information technology training and specifically java training courses to expand his studies beyond the walls of the institution.

Regardless of the specifics of Ronil’s case, this is certainly an option that exists for other little geniuses like him, especially those who might not have the same level of access to an in-person provider of information technology training that can keep up with their rapidly advancing skills. As long as they have internet connections, even people in much less urban areas than Ahmedabad can obtain some of the best java online training from information technology training consultancies in California or other centers of the tech industry.

And this is not just important for young geniuses who are hungry for the sorts knowledge that many of their peers aren’t even remotely aware of, such as PMP training and certification and any of the other courses that might land them information technology job placements in the USA. The availability of online information technology training is also important for the tech industry as a whole, and the people who stand to most benefit from a highly trained talent pool of genius-level programmers.

It’s been said that the world is flat and getting flatter. Geographic boundaries are no longer the impediments to success that they might once have been. And globally-relevant businesses no longer have to make due with local talent pools. The continuing trend toward more and better online information technology training will help young programmers like Rohil to be matched up much more quickly with the firms that can best utilize their skills, wherever they may be in the world.