Online IT TrainigIn a previous post at this blog, we discussed the emergence of information technology training programs specifically geared toward the poor and disenfranchised. We also suggested that the first instances of these programs represented a growing trend that would provide substantial opportunities for training and development specialists and for supplemental, online IT training consultancies in California and other information technology hotspots in the USA.

We’re proud to report that our initial projections seem to be holding fast, with more reports beginning to accrue of new information training and certification programs that follow the same sort of model as those that precipitated our previous blog post. And the latest example comes not from an obvious IT hub like the Bay Area, but rather from a place where it’s understood that a major population is in need of as many modern opportunities as they can get their hands on.

Detroit’s ABC affiliate WXYZ reports that Harmony Point Information Technology Center recently began operating in a 10,000 square foot space in the economically distressed Midwestern city, where it also formed partnerships with several other companies to locate the people who might benefit the most from information technology training, as well as to help match those trainees directly to information technology job placements.

The programs may help some Detroiters to develop the skills and professional connections to allow them to relocate out of the area, but spokespeople for Harmony Point have also emphasized that there are hundreds of IT job placements available right now in Detroit itself. And as is the case virtually everywhere in the USA, IT placements can only be expected to multiply there, providing nascent opportunities for the people who jumped on the bandwagon early and obtained the requisite IT training.

Until recently, such proactivity was not a viable option for a certain class of people, but the proliferation of IT training programs for the poor, as well as general online information technology consultancies is beginning to level the playing field. And through either of these outlets, the potential exists for obtaining remarkably low-cost IT training, certified scrum master training, PMP training and certification, java online training, and so on.

If you have ever found that you were wary of getting into the IT field because of a lack of upfront financial resources, there’s no need for that. If money is a little tight, an online IT training consultancy will be willing to work with you to narrowly focus your training in order to hold down costs, as well as to help you arrange a schedule of training and certification that allows you to go on making money and living your life. Meanwhile, if your situation is desperate, there are organizations ready to give you a hand up as you seek to enter a field that might once not have been for the poor.

Now, there are fewer barriers than ever for entry into that field. And regardless of where you’re coming from, if you show a talent for information technology, perhaps the day will come when you find an IT job placement as a training and development specialist with one of the emerging programs. If that day comes, think of your post as a way of paying forward the opportunities that are being provided to people like you in ever greater numbers these days.