Online vs. In-Person IT Training Courses

January 19, 2015CBAP Training, Java Training, Online Java Training, PMP Training, Project Management Training

Canvas InfoTech offers a full catalogue of online IT training courses and online software courses. One question you’ll certainly have to ask yourself when looking through that catalogue is, “Which course or package of courses do I need to start or upgrade my career?” But we understand that another question that might stick out in … Read More

Join an Exclusive Club with CBAP Certification

December 29, 2014Business Analyst, CBAP Training

Becoming a certified business analyst professional is no easy task. There is a reason why, as of 2013, there were only about 3,000 CBAPs in the world – up from just over 1,300 in 2011. Or more accurately, there are multiple reasons. CBAP certification training is your first step toward gaining entry to a very … Read More

Business Analyst Training Opens Many Doors

December 17, 2014Big Data, Business Analyst

We’re sure you’ll agree that it’s nice to have options. Job security is wonderful, but few people want to be trapped in the same role throughout the life of their careers. That’s why we recommend our business analyst training for anyone who works in an IT-related field or in a company with a prominent IT … Read More

Start Your Online Training with Java

December 12, 2014Java Training, Online Java Training

There is a laundry list of reasons why Java coding is important to learn. It has a wide variety of business applications and is an absolutely necessary skill for anyone who aspires to a career in information technology. But as a company that offers core Java classes among other IT training courses, Canvas Info Tech … Read More

Scrum Methodology – Enhancing The Business World

December 5, 2014Certified Scrum Master

Today, project management has great importance in the business world. Whether it is IT project or a huge manufacturing project in any industry, project management fundamentals are very much similar and needs to be solid enough to assure success of the project. Today, Scrum methodology has gained popularity in the businesses. Especially, Fortune 500 companies … Read More

PMP Training at Canvas Infotech Inc.

September 16, 2014Project Management

Canvas Infotech is a renowned leader in the IT industry that provides BA, QA, DA, Java and PM trainings to people who desire to succeed in their IT careers. Project Management training for the PMP Certification is one of our key areas of training that we take pride in. Project Management and its core competencies … Read More

Expand your career with Data analytics

August 7, 2014Big Data, Data Analytics

 Many people think analytics is about gathering data using software tools and creating dashboards and reports. However, analytics is much more. Analytics goes beyond data; its primary goal is to enable business decisions based on that data. This involves working with stakeholders to understand the gaps in the business and using this knowledge as a … Read More