Extremely Young and Highly International

August 5, 2015News

The need for broad-based information technology training is well-known not just in the Bay Area or the USA, but across the world. In any national economy that is either thoroughly modernized or on the fast-track to development, IT skills and training will be essential to success in the job market of the future. By the … Read More

Train for the IT Field, Get Employed, Have Fun!

July 28, 2015IT Training, Jobs

Everyone needs a little on-the-job stress relief. When it comes to the information technology field, there is certainly enough stress to go around, given the need for constant professional development and software training courses, and the high demands and tight deadlines involved in most roles. The high levels of compensation and job security make the … Read More

What Does Outsourced Project Management Mean for Job Seekers?

July 12, 2015IT Training, Jobs

In an article at CIO, Moira Alexander recently raised the topic of outsourcing project management functions. The article presents some of the benefits and the risks associated with this course of action for the general business community. It is potentially a valuable read for heads of companies, especially small firms, who are looking for more … Read More

Market Research Analyst Job Description

July 5, 2015Jobs

In a previous post, we took a look at the job description for a business systems analyst. It is only one of several IT job placements that are focused on analysis and are commonly obtained by clients of our California information technology consultancy. Business systems analysts have a particularly obvious connection to online information technology … Read More

Turn CA Information Technology Training into IT Job Placements Worldwide

June 29, 2015Jobs

A series of recent articles have come to our attention which point to the opportunities that are continually emerging for well-trained information technology professionals in distant and diverse job markets, including markets that are recovering from downturns or adapting to new circumstances. This is a trend that’s well worth paying attention to if you’re currently … Read More

Be a Flexible IT Employee and Earn Flexible Hours

June 20, 2015News

An article that was posted to CIO on May 1 calls attention to one of the fringe benefits of information technology placements in this day and age. The author recommends that employers seriously consider the offering flexible schedules to employees of their information technology departments. She notes that such an arrangement, including compressed hours, flextime, … Read More

Business Systems Analyst Job Description

June 11, 2015Business Analyst, IT Training

In the latest installment of our series looking at descriptions for prominent job categories in the information technology field, we will be looking at the general job description and certain responsibilities for a business systems analyst. Put simply, the business systems analyst is tasked with assessing the existing technological infrastructure of a company and with … Read More

No One Wants This Job, But Do You?

June 4, 2015News

Our previous blog post dealt with the high demand that exists for information technology security specialists in an atmosphere of constant and escalating security threats. Close on the heels of that post, Forbes published an article explaining another reason why jobs at the head of IT security are in such high demand. Apparently, very few … Read More