High Demand for Information Technology Security Professionals

May 25, 2015News

Last week marked the 2015 flagship event of the RSA Conference, which annually focuses on issues, developments and best practices in information security for information technology professionals. The latest conference, which spanned April 20 to April 24, was reportedly even more popular than in previous years, filling San Francisco’s Moscone Center with more than 33,000 … Read More

Comprehensive Online Learning

May 18, 2015IT Training

The topic of online education and training got some significant media attention on Thursday when the USA Today published an article on the topic of using online courses to expand upon skills you’ve learned in college and to make yourself more appealing as a job seeker. Of course, unlike this blog, the article does not … Read More

In Demand: IT Security Professionals

May 12, 2015IT Training, Jobs

Now that this blog has begun to highlight some of the types of jobs for which Canvas InfoTech online IT training can make you a better candidate, it is appropriate that we should focus on some of the specific types of jobs that hiring managers are especially likely to be looking to fill with people … Read More

Coming Soon: A Look at IT Job Descriptions and Relevant Training

April 20, 2015IT Training

As part of our effort to provide a wide range of practical information about online IT training, this blog will occasionally highlight certain jobs and categories of jobs that might utilize the skills learned in our online software training courses and from our online IT training consultancy. Naturally, we will focus on how this training … Read More

A Scrum of One

April 9, 2015Certified Scrum Master, Project Management

When looking for Agile training in the USA, what type of methodology do you look for in order to make yourself adaptable to the widest range of prospective regional and national employers and projects? Your answer is almost certain to vary based on your concept of what “prospective” means for you. For instance, do you … Read More

What’s the Value of IT Placement Agencies?

March 29, 2015Jobs

Where should you look for Bay Area IT job placements? Well, as with any industry and profession, the first and most appropriate answer is, “Anywhere and everywhere you can.” There are placement agencies that exist for the express purpose of finding a match in the IT industry for your personal IT skills and training. But … Read More

Java Still Important after 20 Years

March 27, 2015Java Training

If you’re learning programming languages or applying them to ongoing IT training and placement, there’s a good chance that you have encountered some unsettled questions about Java. “Is it obsolete?” some of your professional colleagues may have inquired. “Are there limits on its relevant applications?” others might have more charitably asked. As of this year, … Read More