Leveling Access to Information Technology Training

March 24, 2017IT Training

These days, you often hear talk about the relative lack of women in information technology training and IT careers. This blog has previously discussed some of the initiatives that have been created to promote more gender equality in the field. But if, like us, you’re located in the United States, you probably tend to hear … Read More

Equal PMP Training and Certification for All

March 10, 2017PMP Training

The website Project Management Tips recently published an article consisting of five reasons to immediately pursue PMP training and certification. Most of the information contained within it was generic and fairly obvious. It pointed out that such a certification would make IT professionals more attractive to current and prospective employers, and would likely lead to … Read More

Can an Online IT Training Consultancy Replace a University?

February 23, 2017IT Training

If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably because you understand, or at least are curious about, the value of online information technology training as a supplement to academic training. But if you’re like most people who seek out the services of an online information technology training consultancy in the USA, you probably also think that … Read More

Building on ITIL Training for Cyber Security Tasks

February 10, 2017ITIL Training

On Wednesday, the blog for the internet registry body APNIC published an article relevant to ITIL training and to online information technology training more generally. It is part of an ongoing series of articles on ITIL training and implementation, and it dealt specifically with the topic of cyber security and how this is an apparent … Read More

Going Beyond IT with Certified Scrum Master Training

January 27, 2017Certified Scrum Master

At various times in the past, this blog has sought to impress upon readers the idea that certain forms of online information technology training are long-term professional assets even for people who do not remain in the IT industry. This goes a long way toward explaining why information technology certification programs are often offered alongside … Read More

Millennials and Online Information Technology Training

January 12, 2017Change Management

On Thursday, the front page of the popular humor and commentary website Cracked.com featured a critical response by author Mark Hill to a viral video on the topic of managing young people in today’s workplace. The 15-minute video repeated a number of familiar talking points about the millennial generation, which Hill rejected as overly reductionist. … Read More

Global Demand for Project Management Training

December 30, 2016Project Management Training

A global professional training company called Simplilearn, in conjunction with Career Digital Labs, recently carried out a survey of white collar professionals and determined that project management training will be one of the most sought after skills in the coming year. The survey involved 7,000 technology professionals specifically from the Indian labor market, but given … Read More

Online Information Technology Training to Bring Girls into the Field

December 14, 2016News

On Monday, The Economist published an article on the topic of women in information technology careers. It is a topic that ought to be familiar to anyone who has been paying attention to public discourse about the IT field or political narratives regarding economic policy and gender disparities. Many people regard it as a problem … Read More

Local Trainers Gone? Find an Information Technology Consultancy Online

August 1, 2016IT Training

In July, Denver Business Journal reported upon the closure of a local Colorado information technology company called Tuliva Inc. The company declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy after listing a liability-to-asset deficit of more than four million dollars. If you share our confidence in information technology training and development, you might be surprised by virtually any story … Read More

Software Training Courses to Address Payroll Problems

July 26, 2016Change Management

Although our software training courses are based in California, they are accessible online via anywhere in the world. Indeed, that’s an important feature of Canvas InfoTech: it brings the esteemed online information technology training of the Bay Area to aspiring IT professionals in a variety of regions where local training may not rise to the … Read More